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Activities and Accomplishments


After the 2nd Annual Cemetery Walk in 2011 was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, a team of volunteers came together in 2012 to revitalize this educational, yet fun event.


A second intern completed oral histories and collected historic photographs of town buildings and surrounding areas. The intern and the Historical Society established an exhibit at downtown Mount Pleasant’s “In Town Shops” to outline the area’s architectural and family histories. The Historical Society will continue to collect photographs and conduct oral histories about Mount Pleasant’s history. The Historical Society invites those interested to help us collect history of the town.

The Mount Pleasant Area Historical Society has reprinted the book, A Town That Grew At The Crossroads. This book details the history of the town’s people, buildings businesses, and industries from its founding to 1978. The book was originally printed in 1978 to celebrate Mount Pleasant’s 150th anniversary. A Town That Grew At The Crossroads is for sale for $34.95.


An intern for the Historical Society developed a report on the “Morewood Massacre” that occurred at the Morewood Mine in April 1891. Numerous miners were killed and injured as a result of an area mining strike. This report is available to the public for $10.00. In October 1997, the Historical Society sponsored the first “Lantern Tour.” Members of the Society guided tours through Mount Pleasant’s historic district. At different locations, community actors relived important town events. Historical figures portrayed included Governor John Geary, Henry Clay Frick, and Mark Twain. The actors told stories about the Morewood Massacre, the Doughboy, and other tales of the town. The “Lantern Tour” will continue as an annual Halloween event.

Other projects include manning a “Path of Progress/Allegheny Traveler” exhibit at the Mount Pleasant Glass and Ethnic Festival. The Allegheny Traveler is a marketing effort for southwestern Pennsylvania to attract visitors to the area and promote our coal and coke heritage. The Historical Society attends and sponsors workshops which provide information and instruction on various historic preservation topics.


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